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Why English is important?

Why English is important

In this blog entry made by  Brooke Hardy, we are going to see her opinion about the importance of learning English.

Despite being one of the harder languages to learn, English is also one of the more important languages. English can open numerous pathways in life both from day to day or in the internet. English holds the place of the second most common language in the world, and is the top language of the internet. Altogether, English opens numerous pathways and experiences in one’s life.

                English is the top language in multiple areas. It is almost a requirement to know English if one plans to go into the field of business. The majority of businesses carry out their transactions in English, and as such it holds its place as important. The second area that English dominates is on the internet. Knowing and understanding English makes many websites and resources online available. A large portion of media and entertainment also becomes available with the addition of English, from movies to books to music. A large portion of media is published and produced in English.                

As a whole, English is the language of communication. It is a useful tool to have in one’s belt, something with a variety of skills and purposes. It is an advantage to have the ability to speak multiple languages as well, and learning English has virtually no downsides.


January 15, 2019

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